Autumn Haiku Poems

These are a collection of modern haiku poems that I wrote over time, and it is continuing over time. They are separate poems, each consists of 3 lines. If you know a little bit of haiku, it has a flavor of season, so this whole page is dedicated to the Autumn season. As sad and depressing autumn can be sometimes, it sure has the power to inspire. Well, I think every season has that secret ability to inspire us in one way or another. Autumn is a beautiful and mysterious season, full of secrets, dark ones. Many wonderful events also happen in this season: Halloween, Oktoberfest, the ending of baseball season (October championship month!!!! Yes!), and Thanksgiving just to name a few. So you tell me, who wouldn’t be inspired? All photos used on this page are courtesy of google images.

early evening
falling dry leaves
making their mark on earth


dripping, blowing, shredding,
stand alone I must
facing the looming cold months



stand tall and ready
watch the board up there, umpire!
miss not this one


colors, colors everywhere
pumpkins, lanterns, candles, masks,
caution, do not get lost


chilling scary night
oh, what character to play
it’s Halloween, kids!




what is loneliness?

look out the window

see the empty tree?


calm and still outside
no sound no movement
except one lone leaf falling down to its mother earth


as i bid you goodbye, autumn
a piece of me is also gone with you
but you left me with hope and memories


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