Sad Eyes

oh little child
with a pair of sad eyes
faint smile appeared lightly
a smile too small for that round face
alone in the dark night of lonely street
drifting like a driftwood
in a river of human malice
no pretending here
his parents might have failed him
the world might have forgotten him

but not to this place
he has identity here
no longer blown away
now standing tall and strong
a pair of skinny legs running
as fast as he could
chasing a ball with other legs
throwing his best kick ever
and scoring big!

oh little child,
be not afraid,
explore life,
discover opportunities,
make a difference, my child
give the world
your biggest smile!


***I went to an orphanage for young boys yesterday. This poem was inspired by that visit. What a great and humbling experience; planning to go back there again on a regular basis.***


Fresh as Morning Dew

Image credit to ohman itsme-d2z9g5t @ DeviantArt, titled flower drop reflection


on some nights
when the icy wind hits town
the cold can be so unbearable
but those water drop eyes
seeing her flaunting her smile
a fusion of shyness, playful
and innocence
my world halts
tugs my heart
warm under the blanket
of loneliness
pushes me up eventually
from my long slumber
of waiting for the spring sun
when i can finally walk again
among flowers and birds
when i can submit myself
to feel a warm hand on my face
when the sound of the leaves
blowing in the wind
whispers a song of hope
but until then
i settle with this smile
a powerful gift indeed
from a little lady in red
unaware of her charm
fresh as morning dew


Submitted to One Single Impression, Prompt: Smile

What is Christmas, part 1

Christmas to the eyes of a 3-year old.

whel-a-you Santa?
im looking fo you
in my toy loom
in my laundy basket
in the chim-mey
mommy said time you come
i suppose be good
but how come i cant see you?
if i pay to Jesus
will you come?
i have cookies
i dip it in milk aleady fo you
i taste it
all yummy in my tummy
i have toys too
we can puh-lay together
im the doctah and you my ness
i show you my new jess
mommy got it fo me
i like it
it has this big bow in font
and its so big
its so bootiful
i plomise i be good
to mommy and daddy
but not my big blothel
coz he always mean
but i sti-yove him
maybe i love you mo
mommy said you nice
i want new teddy beal
and bunny
the one make noise
and it jump and hop yike this
Bobo ate Annabelle ear
bad Bobo
i need a new doggie
come on Santa
let me see you pyis?
im tiyed looking
whel-a-you, Santa?
i wait fo you


Photo taken at Tomohon, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. In the background, the Lokon volcanic mountain.

~~~~~  ٩(●̮̮̃•̃)۶  ~~~~~

sounds of innocence

mingling with bird songs

within this serenity of greens

teasing the giant volcano

in their backyard playground

~~~~~  ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶  ~~~~~

some eat Happy Meals while playing

some make sand castles or snowman

these here,

dance along

to sounds of nature

~~~~~  ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶  ~~~~~

you fierce giant

be their angel

watch over the innocence

don’t hurt them

’cause they’re yours

~~~~~  ٩(-̮̮̃•̃)۶  ~~~~~

never before

have i seen

fierceness and gentleness collide

a beautiful scenery

a magical moment

~~~~~  ٩(×̯×)۶  ~~~~~

***  I took the picture above when visiting the location in January 2011.  This particular picture has left such a mark in my heart.  After I took it, I knew that I would have to come back to it again in the future to be blogged.  So here it is, the picture is back in my life.  Above are four separated gogyohka poems. For more info regarding gogyohka, please see an earlier post I wrote about gogyohka (click the link here: About Gogyohka).  ***

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