She will feel nothing
Feelings will evaporate, lifted away
No longer a burden on her shoulders

She will care for no words
Words will lose its meaning
They no longer have the power to hurt

She will shed tears no more
An empty well, dried out from its content
No longer capable of producing

The stage will be empty
The audience will leave the room
It is then when she will start living
It is then when peace will come to her


A Wounded Soul, A Plea

when night fell
and darkness surrounded me
where is Your angel
when i need one now
enter this open wound
wash it with Your tears
heal it with Your light
Your sign is needed, my Lord

i thought loneliness was my enemy
but i was wrong
hope is
but even so
i keep opening myself
over and over
desperately wanting to feel alive
only to fall down
again and again

i should have known better
nobody else deserves my devotion
other than my Creator
it was You who made me
and in the end
it is to You i will go
and to You now i give
my soul to keep


” Lose your soul in God’s love…. I swear there is no other way.” ~Rumi.

Continuing to Remember David

This is the second blog I wrote about David Gimelfarb. I wrote the first one not long after he went missing. David is, was, and will always be my friend. He went missing on August 11, 2009 in the forest of Costa Rica while vacationing. His body has not been found and the local police, as well as the owner of the hotel nearby where David last stayed, have not cooperated or helped much in the search. There has been another incidence of a man missing about a month or two in the are after David’s missing. It is still a puzzle of what exactly happened to the two men. The families and friends of both men are left with a lot of questions, but with very little help. There have been new updates to follow up, but again, with no cooperation from the local authorities, families and friends have very little to accomplish. Also, things quickly become very expensive for the families because they have to do everything with their own money, and a search can cost thousands of dollars daily.

The reason why I am writing this blog is because I just received an email not that long ago from facebook. I subscribed to a service through facebook that would remind me of birthdays of my friends on facebook. Well, guess whose birthday is coming up next week, December 2nd to be exact. When I saw his name, I got goosebumps all over. Then of course, I cried. Can’t believe he’s been gone for over 3 months.

We had a community gathering at my school a few weeks ago and people made some suggestions of activities we can do to remember David. I suggested having a focal point in the main gathering area for all students, so a bulletin board was dedicated for David. Pictures of him are up now, as well as blank pieces of paper for people to write something. I appreciate this effort because we should remember him.

We might have moved on, understandably so because we have daily responsibilities to do. Sometimes, the daily responsibilities are the ones that keep us going. Otherwise, we’ll be caught in the constant grief. Just because we have moved on does not mean that we forget.

So David, happy birthday to you. You’re not forgotten, mi amigo. We remember you, your kindness, humanity, and integrity. You would have made a great psychologist.