Moonlight in the Dark

creature of darkness
when the shadow
finally leaves your side
don’t cry alone
let the silence keep you company
let the water be your witness
let the wind carry your anguish
out into the infinite night
the stars will catch it
and guide it to the moon
tell the moon your secret
for it knows no boundaries
it knows no ending
it knows only possibilities
let the moon carry your sorrow
behind that yellow glow
lays many dying hopes
lost souls
whenever you miss sorrow
stare far into the distance
amidst the veil of darkness
find that faceless glow


On Broken and Hopeful

oh wounded heart
cry if you want to cry
empty your eyes out
flooded My garden with your tears
oh lonesome soul
scream ’til your throat hurts
empty your lungs out
throw out your silent burdens

a broken spirit
I know you’re hurting inside
I feel your loneliness
hold on to Me when no one else to lean on
I’m never far from you
come look for My light
be silent, be still
feel Me in your deepest being


* The poem above was inspired by JJ Heller’s song, What Love Really Means. I hope you can enjoy the song as much as I do. What a beautiful message!

Between Memories and Hope

Only a few hours away to midnight, so I consider this as my day-3-piece for the Gogyohka challenge. I just couldn’t wait until tomorrow to post it because it’s one of my favorite ones, inspired by the art piece below from My compliment to the artist who painted it.

credit to pumpkiiin@DeviantArt, image title: Between Memories and Hope

 ≈ ◊ ≈ ♥ ≈ ◊ ≈

if, gone is the moment, and

she’s left with remorse and memories only, then

a wish so quietly is blooming inside, with

faith as her only confidante, that

he sees the trail of memories she left behind and follows it, to…