one by one they fall
one strand at a time
a lump of them in the end
one or a bunch
really, it doesn’t matter
because they will fall
eventually, all of them
in the end, none left
skin exposed
white-ish in color, nude
inviting, alluring, tempting
the sun to kiss it for first time
smooth layer of glossy skin
somewhat oily in parts
and dry in others

it may end up
like an empty desert
with no trees around
just a flat, dry, barren place
or it may be like
an empty park, but
without a single tree
deserted, a sign
of an ending
yet, stubbornly
refusing to go
so the trees may grow again
one at a time
filling up any dry patch
soon it will go back to normal
like how it was,


I Light This Candle…

i know you are scared
who wouldn’t be
this life path set for you
you take it so damn well
chin up, never down
despite the beast
that’s eating you alive

you dance your way through
the hospital maze so gracefully
your smile lift up the spirit
of those following you
you are the leader, after all
and we….
we’re just following you

your existence inspires us
your spirit guides us
your fight moves us
pushes us
but we might have allowed denial
to lead us naively
for long enough

truthfully, the hardest part
is to accept the painful truth
that it is back
and it is likely to be
the one that will take you away from us

i know the fight is still in you
i can see that flicker of light in your eyes
but i can also see
that the light is getting weaker


I ask from all of you, my dear readers, to leave a room in your prayers for a friend of mine who is not doing well, who is fighting for her dear life. I dedicated the haiku below for her.

i light this candle
for a soul so brave and strong
steady in a storm