She will feel nothing
Feelings will evaporate, lifted away
No longer a burden on her shoulders

She will care for no words
Words will lose its meaning
They no longer have the power to hurt

She will shed tears no more
An empty well, dried out from its content
No longer capable of producing

The stage will be empty
The audience will leave the room
It is then when she will start living
It is then when peace will come to her



one by one they fall
one strand at a time
a lump of them in the end
one or a bunch
really, it doesn’t matter
because they will fall
eventually, all of them
in the end, none left
skin exposed
white-ish in color, nude
inviting, alluring, tempting
the sun to kiss it for first time
smooth layer of glossy skin
somewhat oily in parts
and dry in others

it may end up
like an empty desert
with no trees around
just a flat, dry, barren place
or it may be like
an empty park, but
without a single tree
deserted, a sign
of an ending
yet, stubbornly
refusing to go
so the trees may grow again
one at a time
filling up any dry patch
soon it will go back to normal
like how it was,

A Silent Birthday Prayer

Dear Lord,
please keep my friend safe
during those many nights
lying there alone in a cold room
with only the beating of machines
as her lullaby
keep her company
hold her hand
let her feel Your presence
so she knows
she is not alone

today is her special day
i’m thankful You allow her to
come this far
may she be able to breathe again
on her own and on
this special day
so she can remember
the gift You gave her
many years ago
the gift of life

i know You will take her,
i know the day will come
but for one day
for this one special day
let us have her with us
let us rejoice on Your gift to us
a gift of a friend, a sister,
a daughter, a granddaughter, a niece
let us celebrate her life
let us not waste on a gift this precious

i believe in Your work, my Lord
i believe in Your path
i believe in Your plan for us and
for her,
and i trust
that You will give her the best
and that one day
You will set her free
that one day
You will give her peace

i pray You give her the best
seeing her like that today was
beyond painful
but forgive me for saying that
because i know
You have a plan for all of us
and that it is beautiful
we just can’t always see
the beauty in Your plan

thank You for bringing her into my life
thank You for allowing me to see her again
thank You for letting me to talk to her
i know she listened
i know she understood
to see her smiling ever so faintly
that was a miracle, my Lord
that was Your work
and thank You for helping me
to not fall apart in front of her

Happy Birthday, my dear friend, my sister, my role model, my pillar of strength. Your spirit shines even from underneath those machines and tubes.


Image credit to S-t-r-a-n-g-e @ DeviantArt, titled Age of Window

faceless man, sitting
behind a windowless house
fanning a trapped soul

-̶̶•-̶̶•̸Ϟ•̸•̸Ϟ•̸-̶̶•-̶ -̶̶•-̶̶•̸Ϟ•̸•̸Ϟ•̸-̶̶•-̶ -̶̶•-̶̶•̸Ϟ•̸•̸Ϟ•̸-̶̶•-̶ -̶̶•-̶̶•̸Ϟ•̸•̸Ϟ•̸-̶̶•-̶

no sign of breaths left
only unnamed small flowers
what’s left to the soul

-̶̶•-̶̶•̸Ϟ•̸•̸Ϟ•̸-̶̶•-̶ -̶̶•-̶̶•̸Ϟ•̸•̸Ϟ•̸-̶̶•-̶ -̶̶•-̶̶•̸Ϟ•̸•̸Ϟ•̸-̶̶•-̶ -̶̶•-̶̶•̸Ϟ•̸•̸Ϟ•̸-̶̶•-̶

crevices and lines
this wall had bred love o’er time
wisdom in decays

-̶̶•-̶̶•̸Ϟ•̸•̸Ϟ•̸-̶̶•-̶ -̶̶•-̶̶•̸Ϟ•̸•̸Ϟ•̸-̶̶•-̶ -̶̶•-̶̶•̸Ϟ•̸•̸Ϟ•̸-̶̶•-̶ -̶̶•-̶̶•̸Ϟ•̸•̸Ϟ•̸-̶̶•-̶

Sensational Haiku Wednesday, no prompt/freestyle
One Single Impression, Prompt: Soul

The Night Walk

tasteless is the day
irony plays a game, but
nobody wants to play
clouds and fogs taking over
flowers refuse to grow
birds decide to stop singing
life has its own rules of game
when you lose
it throws rocks at you
regardless how you feel

it’s pouring again
time for a walk home
alone, counting steps
avoiding puddles
the walk has been lonely
with street lights
tailing me behind

i’m talking to my self
my brain hurts
my body is rejecting me
even my own shadow
has deserted me
it’s taken over by the night
other shadows lurking in the corner
watching, waiting for
their next prey
and i cry for your name out loud
in silence

Haiku on Page

life and death, never before i thought that i would be facing you both together, at the same time.

two close friends, as close to sisters as can be to me. one facing death, the other preparing to embrace a new life. one is dreadful and somber, the other eager and excited. what can be more polar opposite than those? and  i’m in the middle, watching them both, from far away.

i’m trying to feel what they’re feeling, but in the dark. i wish they’re within my touch, or that i can do something more than this…waiting, praying, hoping for the best for both. sometimes the helplessness is just too gripping. can’t say i know exactly what they’re feeling. i was never in their position. don’t know what it feels like fighting an illness so deadly, or expecting a little one. whatever it is they’re feeling, i pray that one of those feelings is peaceful.

both haiku pieces below are for each sister. be well, be strong, be faithful, my dearests. you are not alone.

-̶̶•-̶̶•̸Ϟ•̸•̸Ϟ•̸-̶̶•-̶ -̶̶•-̶̶•̸Ϟ•̸•̸Ϟ•̸-̶̶•-̶ -̶̶•-̶̶•̸Ϟ•̸•̸Ϟ•̸-̶̶•-̶ -̶̶•-̶̶•̸Ϟ•̸•̸Ϟ•̸-̶̶•-̶

your body’s changing
the chapter refuse to end
dark pages ahead


a new role ahead
excitement’s holding your hand
as you turn the page

-̶̶•-̶̶•̸Ϟ•̸•̸Ϟ•̸-̶̶•-̶ -̶̶•-̶̶•̸Ϟ•̸•̸Ϟ•̸-̶̶•-̶ -̶̶•-̶̶•̸Ϟ•̸•̸Ϟ•̸-̶̶•-̶ -̶̶•-̶̶•̸Ϟ•̸•̸Ϟ•̸-̶̶•-̶

Submitted to Haiku Heights, Prompt # 101: Page

I Light This Candle…

i know you are scared
who wouldn’t be
this life path set for you
you take it so damn well
chin up, never down
despite the beast
that’s eating you alive

you dance your way through
the hospital maze so gracefully
your smile lift up the spirit
of those following you
you are the leader, after all
and we….
we’re just following you

your existence inspires us
your spirit guides us
your fight moves us
pushes us
but we might have allowed denial
to lead us naively
for long enough

truthfully, the hardest part
is to accept the painful truth
that it is back
and it is likely to be
the one that will take you away from us

i know the fight is still in you
i can see that flicker of light in your eyes
but i can also see
that the light is getting weaker


I ask from all of you, my dear readers, to leave a room in your prayers for a friend of mine who is not doing well, who is fighting for her dear life. I dedicated the haiku below for her.

i light this candle
for a soul so brave and strong
steady in a storm