On Solitude

Language…has created the word “loneliness” to express the pain of being alone. And it has created the word “solitude” to express the glory of being alone.  ~ Paul Tillich.

For Haiku Heights:

when i seek solitude

i often see loneliness

behind the bushes, peeking


For 5-line poetry month:

when solitude finds me

i thought not of fighting back

surrendering in its caress

it protects me

from more rejections

Haiku Heights prompt #44 — Solitude

ABC Wednesday — prompt \”s\”

Thursday Poets Rally 44 (May 19 – May 25, 2011)


my battle

Credit to argentoliquido @ DeviantArt, titled Warmth

i hear my demon knocking on my door
this morning

demon: knock knock

me: nope,
not taking solicitation today
go away

i hear my demon walking back and forth
in front of my door
wanting to come in

demon: happy monday

me: which part of no that you don’t understand?
you are not welcomed today
and not ever

i hear my demon sighing
no choice but
to walk away, for now

it’s never gone completely
its smell
still lingering
somewhere around here
waiting for the right moment
to sneak its way in
no knocking next time
i’ll keep my guard up for now
maybe put up a sign
for my dear neighbors
it reads,
“watch out, loneliness is looking for a victim today”

“Happy Blue Monday and I’m sending warmth to you. Here’s thinking of you.”

This post is part of:

Sorrow II

i see you

i see your pain

don’t hide it

it wants to be seen

your pain is precious

it wants to be nourished

feel it

keep it

don’t fight it

only let go when you are ready

you will know when is the right time

but be sure to know

what to replace it with

after all

some pain is like addiction

some pain is just plain addicting

like the pain of feeling lost in life

like the pain of wanting to belong

like the pain of losing my ground

Sorrow I

your sorrowful eyes

pierce through my heart

it pains me to see you like this

where did the sunshine go from your face

or those laughters

they’re all gone

i know you’re going through a difficult period

but it’s called a period because

it has a beginning and an ending

this suffering, too, will pass

just like any other trial time in your past

but what about the loneliness, you ask

what to do about it, you want to know

my dear, loneliness is part of you

like you said it yourself

it’s been right there with you the whole time

since you were a child

do you really want it to go?

do you know what it’s like without it?

do you know how to live without loneliness?

what will you replace it with?

don’t answer yet

when you’re not ready

still here

“Moderate lamentation is the right of the dead: excessive grief the enemy to the living.”  ~Shakespeare, from All’s Well That Ends Well~

when the song ends
and all left is silence
when the word ends
and all left is the sound of grief
when the joy ends
and all left is emptiness
i’m still here.

a familiar place it is
been here before
a familiar feeling it is
been acquainted before
everything has an ending
but i’m still here

i’m still here
left with my sorrow only
mine alone to keep
it is okay, you know
because in the end
we always be alone.