Sorrow II

i see you

i see your pain

don’t hide it

it wants to be seen

your pain is precious

it wants to be nourished

feel it

keep it

don’t fight it

only let go when you are ready

you will know when is the right time

but be sure to know

what to replace it with

after all

some pain is like addiction

some pain is just plain addicting

like the pain of feeling lost in life

like the pain of wanting to belong

like the pain of losing my ground


Sorrow I

your sorrowful eyes

pierce through my heart

it pains me to see you like this

where did the sunshine go from your face

or those laughters

they’re all gone

i know you’re going through a difficult period

but it’s called a period because

it has a beginning and an ending

this suffering, too, will pass

just like any other trial time in your past

but what about the loneliness, you ask

what to do about it, you want to know

my dear, loneliness is part of you

like you said it yourself

it’s been right there with you the whole time

since you were a child

do you really want it to go?

do you know what it’s like without it?

do you know how to live without loneliness?

what will you replace it with?

don’t answer yet

when you’re not ready


here i am again
sitting on the same bench
in my favorite park
focusing on my thoughts
accompanied by a pen, a notebook, and an ipod,
surrounded by the sound of children playing
their energy and the smell of autumn are in the air

the sky is gray today
the air is warmer than usual
a draft hitting my naked arms
and it feels good
there’s a sound of ambulance passing by
wailing loudly
piercing my ears
breaking the stillness in the air
and bringing me back to the present
albeit temporarily
but enough to make me realize that Home is playing on my ipod

for the first time in this long journey
i feel good
i feel like I know the next step
but i didn’t get here through an easy route
the road ahead still looks foggy
but at least i know which way to go

every life deserves a pause
ever life needs a time to reflect
i realize and accept it now,
however, every pause will have to come to an end too
so who decides when to end the pause?
i do,
for my own only, of course

the winding, foggy and empty road is coming to an end
i can feel it
i know because i’m nearing a civilization
there’s a town ahead
i see lights
wait, they’re not just any light
those are lanterns
with a candle inside
oh, they’re beautiful
and i suddenly notice
that the song in my ipod has changed
Shine is playing

I realize then
life is beautiful
so what am i afraid of?



I wrote this piece the day before, after discovering more new things about myself, too painful and private to share here. Instead of going home, I sat in the park and this piece just came out. You can call it a poem, or something else, I don’t care. It is what it is. The two musical pieces I mentioned are Michael Buble’s Home and Black Gold’s Shine. I attached their musical pieces here, courtesy of Youtube. The term “attraversiamo” is a tribute to Elizabeth Gilbert and her Eat, Pray, Love. It’s an Italian word, roughly means “let’s cross over.” To me it symbolizes taking a chance in making a change when facing something difficult. It means to go through the pain in order to get to the other side. Attraversiamo.

The piece above is an expression, a product of my long reflection. I hope those who are also going through a hard time will see their own lanterns too some day.

Lost in Life

What are you looking for, dear?

Why long face?

Is it uncertainty?

or is it fear?

Courage, what is it?

Courage to admit?

to cry out the truth?

to take action?

Decision, what do you want?

Is it peace of mind?

or is it peace in your heart?

Whatever it is, make one.

But is it necessary to pick?

How would one know the right decision?

Oh, so many questions,

without any answer.


with its many complications,

a long list of rules, expectations, responsibilities,

Who created them?

In the end,

We always come to the same place,

Deciding what is best,

for others.

Not because we are not worth “it”

It’s just that,

humans are not made to live alone in this world

so we follow the damn rules.