2011 in Review, part 1

Image credit to Scorpiandoll @ DeviantArt, titled Like a Firework


A – Awaken at the first daybreak, a fresh beginning
U – Unplayed guitar standing in the corner, its strings waiting to be picked
L – Love shines a bright light at dusk, but the light soon succumbs to a
D – Dying wish for truth – ignored, unfulfilled, and soon forgotten

L – Losing a battle finally in the end, a painful lost to witness
A – Absolutely crushed to many pieces, a piercing cry as the spirit fallen
N – Night then replaces day, silence replaces light
G – Gone are the singing birds, flying blindly under the eyes of the night owls

S – Soon a new year will be here, will it be another fresh start?
Y – Your song is still stuck on the CD player, playing over and over
N – Not a day goes by this year that your song skips, its lyrics haunting
E – Echoing the same message, this heart cries loudly like a firework


This poem is submitted to the Poetry Pantry # 81.


Haiku on Review

a life being reviewed
a pause, steps retraced, and then
brace the wind forward


this path behind me
rained, stormed, sunned by life’s lessons
my backpack’s heavy


a lost love reviewed
tears that no champagne can stop
but party on, love


don’t like what you see?
adjust your view or your seat
this object is fixed


last year in 30s
waiting for the curtain fall
stage is near empty



Sensational Haiku Wednesday, Prompt: Review

Poetry Pantry # 81

The Purple Treehouse: Week 4 (Haiku)


What is Christmas, part 3

Christmas to the eyes of a 39-year old.

Image Credit to Whitebook @ DeviantArt, titled A Christmas Story for Rezzan

find me an old tree
that needs its roots to survive
it’s where Christmas is


This poem has been posted at Haiku Heights, Prompt: Christmas, Poetry Potluck at Jingle Poetry: a Merry Christmas Special, and The Poetry Pantry #81 at Poets United.

This is part of a 3-part series of a search for Christmas from a lifespan perspective (3 different ages). Please also see my previous two parts on “Where is Christmas” Series here (part 1 and part 2). I think I have found the answer to my search. Similar to finding happiness, the answer is to look inward, not outward. I hope the same for all of you too. I hope you have found your Christmas and will find it in the future. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays. Be well, be blessed.

Hate Me Then

This piece below came out while I was listening to Hate Me by Blue October from their album Foiled. It has nothing to do with the lyrics, but it somewhat inspired and moved me to write the following. Feel free to listen to it while reading this. It’s available at youtube. Warning, the song has one or two swear words. If that offends you, I suggest skip it.


the image is tore in pieces
the script is burnt
the bottom is scraped
nothing left to wipe
on your way out
take your shadow with you
wipe your footsteps
erase your lingering smells
but carry this sorrow on your shoulders
for it’s yours now
use it as a cloth
to wipe any sinister dropping
left on the corner of your mouth
or use it as a pillow
to lay your heart at night
for even an empty heart
needs a company
like an empty cup
needs its saucer
for even an empty heart
needs a rest
so it can continue its next score
tomorrow is another day
another hunting experience
more arrows to release
more bodies to lie on the ground
trees have been chopped
branches are all broken
birds have flown away
all habitats are gone
chased away or hunted
the play ground is destined to be deserted
eventually empty

…hate me then

The Poetry Pantry # 77 at Poets United