About a Wall

she just came in a little too late
his wall was up long ago
what’s left for her now are his hurtful words
opening new wounds on others, while
protecting the fragile self inside
what will happen to the self in the future,
no one knows
not even him
too lost in his own game
buried deep in his own pride

for now
the wall continues
protecting, comforting
while giving him time to search
but confused of what
and what would be more painful than that state of mind?

still unable to utter the words locked inside
that weigh a ton on his shoulders,
they push him down
to the deepest part of his fortress
while she,
watching from a far
in pain
wondering when the wall will fall down
afraid that her wall may eventually have to go up too
from feeling too much and
not knowing what else to do

life is a journey
for these two sickly birds
wanting to fly away to escape pain
free to roam the sky
and having no strings attached
but they could only fly so far
gravity will always bring them down again
to where they started
at the wall

and the scene continues
replayed over and over again
in her dreams

This post is part of Saturday Centus. The task this week is to write 200 words using the prompt “the wall was built long ago.”  Please click the picture below to see more Saturday Centus posts from other bloggers. So far I have enjoyed all of the Saturday Centus’ challenge.


The End

The challenge from Saturday Centus this week is to write no more than 25 words describing myself, and using the prompt “The End.” Actually, I’m allowed 27 words with the inclusion of the two prompted words. So, I can’t help myself. I have to take this challenge. I’m salivating here, trying hard to control myself.  Ready?


As I am nearing the end of this chapter, I will close it with heart, dignity, family, friends, love and forgiveness. And new chapter, here I come.


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“He’s My Hero”

they come in many forms,
some wear uniforms,
some wear skirts,
some ride a bicycle to work,
some have bodyguards in their car,
some have shed decades of bitter tears,
some still have to do homework everyday,
some live in a shelter,
some call a refugee camp as their home,
some wear glasses,
some have four legs,
to her, however,
her hero was someone she shared a dream with,
a regular guy,
a brave and loyal man,
who took his vow to the highest test,
and left the rest of us with
a new meaning to
the legacy of heroes.

“Each man is a hero and an oracle to somebody.”  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

***Inspired by and dedicated to this amazing, heartbreaking, and sad story I heard this week: He\’s My Hero.  Let’s pray for her and everyone in areas affected by the recent series of tornadoes, not just for Joplin and not just from tornadoes this week. Tornadoes affect the whole community, not just a few families or houses. Click this map picture to the right to take you to a blog with more information on how to help.

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