Image credit to S-t-r-a-n-g-e @ DeviantArt, titled Age of Window

faceless man, sitting
behind a windowless house
fanning a trapped soul

-̶̶•-̶̶•̸Ϟ•̸•̸Ϟ•̸-̶̶•-̶ -̶̶•-̶̶•̸Ϟ•̸•̸Ϟ•̸-̶̶•-̶ -̶̶•-̶̶•̸Ϟ•̸•̸Ϟ•̸-̶̶•-̶ -̶̶•-̶̶•̸Ϟ•̸•̸Ϟ•̸-̶̶•-̶

no sign of breaths left
only unnamed small flowers
what’s left to the soul

-̶̶•-̶̶•̸Ϟ•̸•̸Ϟ•̸-̶̶•-̶ -̶̶•-̶̶•̸Ϟ•̸•̸Ϟ•̸-̶̶•-̶ -̶̶•-̶̶•̸Ϟ•̸•̸Ϟ•̸-̶̶•-̶ -̶̶•-̶̶•̸Ϟ•̸•̸Ϟ•̸-̶̶•-̶

crevices and lines
this wall had bred love o’er time
wisdom in decays

-̶̶•-̶̶•̸Ϟ•̸•̸Ϟ•̸-̶̶•-̶ -̶̶•-̶̶•̸Ϟ•̸•̸Ϟ•̸-̶̶•-̶ -̶̶•-̶̶•̸Ϟ•̸•̸Ϟ•̸-̶̶•-̶ -̶̶•-̶̶•̸Ϟ•̸•̸Ϟ•̸-̶̶•-̶

Sensational Haiku Wednesday, no prompt/freestyle
One Single Impression, Prompt: Soul


A Night Awe

Image credit to Psycho-kyugurl @DeviantArt, titled I want to paint a universe

pearls across night sky
your brilliant charm captured me
i knelt under you


Submitted to Sensational Haiku Wednesday, Prompt: Brilliance

Perfect Poet Award Week 59

Thank you very much for the nomination and I accept it. Please click the image above to see other wonderful poets who’ve been nominated as well for the week. In return, I nominate Daydreamer Too who blogs at Soul Speak.

Here is my acceptance haiku. I title it Fading.

Image credit to dogsled @ DeviantART, titled Silent Forest

a forest, silent
ghosts fading back into trees
resolving the night

Submitted to Sensational Haiku Wednesday, Prompt: Resolve

Haiku on Review

a life being reviewed
a pause, steps retraced, and then
brace the wind forward


this path behind me
rained, stormed, sunned by life’s lessons
my backpack’s heavy


a lost love reviewed
tears that no champagne can stop
but party on, love


don’t like what you see?
adjust your view or your seat
this object is fixed


last year in 30s
waiting for the curtain fall
stage is near empty



Sensational Haiku Wednesday, Prompt: Review

Poetry Pantry # 81

The Purple Treehouse: Week 4 (Haiku)


Haiku on Spirit

in this silent night
when life finally settles
spirits celebrate


with a candle in hand
alone he ventures outside
her spirit summons


she bids him farewell
a river runs through her cheeks
a spirit so frail

Sensational Haiku Wednesday, Prompt: Spirit
The Purple Treehouse: Poetic Form (Haiku)
Poetry Potluck at Jingle Poetry: a Merry Christmas Special

Ties That Bond


she splashes rain drops
she shouts at rainbow, while mom
ponders where time went



what’s a thanksgiving
asks the young girl, and mom winks
it’s when you arrived



a face in photos
reach out to cheer the brokens
ponder that, we should



These haiku poems are based on the prompt Ponder from Sensational Haiku Wednesday. These poems were inspired by and dedicated to a special mom-daughter relationship.

On Meditation

in this space alone
gone are the shrills of the world
i’m left with my own


“keep mind in order,
don’t let thoughts take over mind”
becomes the new thought


my mind simply slips
i feel no more of tingling
as dream captures me


answers come to me
during my walk, as fresh air
opens up my soul


oh come, heal my soul
i open my heart for thee
my long await peace

Sensational Haiku Wednesday, November 16, 2011 – prompt: Meditate